Do you deliver?
Yes we do! We keep your order in a temperature controlled container for maximum freshness. Delivery fee ranges from $0-$20 depending on location.
Where are you located?
We are based in Midlothian, TX, and all our meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen in Midlothian.
Do you have pickup locations?
We sure do! Orders can be picked up at Ann’s Heath Food Center in Waxahachie, TX, or at D. Bassett Roofing & Renovation in Arlington, TX. Pickup information will be in your order confirmation email.
Can I freeze my meals?
Absolutely! Most meals with the exception of salads are delicious from the freezer. They will last in the freezer for up to 4-6 months.
How long do meals last in the refrigerator?
We recommend keeping meals for 2-3 days in the refrigerator and freezing meals for later in the week.
How do I reheat my meal?
Refrigerated meals: Remove lid and any sauce containers from the meal. Heat for 1:30 to 3 minutes depending on your microwave. You may also remove the entire meal and reheat it in an oven safe container at 250° F. Frozen meals: Remove lid and any sauce containers from the meal. Heat on 50% power for 4 minutes. Stir and check temperature, and continue heating at 30 second intervals as necessary until you reach the desired temperature.
Do you have nutrition and allergen information available?
Yes, we do! You can find the link to the current menu's information in the main menu at the top of this website.
Do you have whole food plant based meals?
Yes! We can also cook with no additional oil if requested.
Can I customize my dishes or change the side?
Of course! We can accommodate most requests, just ask!
Do you accommodate food allergies?
We absolutely do. Shannan is allergic to eggs and several other foods, so we are very familiar with preventing cross-contamination, storing allergy orders separately, and other safety measures. Please advise us of any food allergy so we can make sure your meals are safe for you to enjoy.
How often do you change your menu?
Our menu changes monthly, although there are some staples that always stay on the menu. We love suggestions and requests, too!
When is order cutoff for the week?
Orders placed before 8:00 pm on Friday will be ready for pickup or delivery the following Monday.
Can I order a without a subscription?
Absolutely! Our subscriptions can also be modified or paused at any time.
Do you offer discounts?
We do! We offer discounts to school employees, first responders, active military and veteran families, and senior citizens. Contact us for the discount code!